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Full scholarship offered for two-day class at Mizzou next August.
Ozark Electric Cooperative will be offering FULL scholarship(s), including hotel and meal accommodations, next August 4 & 5, 2015, for a two-day class at Mizzou in Columbia for Science (middle school, junior high, or high school) and Ag/FFA teachers in our service area.

The class is entitled “Energy in the Classroom” (Mizzou Course #ASM 7370), and the teacher(s) will receive one hour of graduate credit. The class will also satisfy the teacher(s)’ required 15 hours of continuing education credit for the year.

The class, which has been sponsored by rural electric cooperatives and offered the past two years through Mizzou’s Agricultural Systems Management Department, has been very successful! Teachers have been very appreciative of the content and all the free take-home, hands-on experiment materials they receive. The class covers the basics of electricity plus the most current issues the industry faces.

We need your help in locating deserving teachers. We have a very short deadline; all completed applications must be received by early January. If you are an interested teacher, or you know a Science teacher or an Ag/FFA teacher who would be interested, please contact Linda Stander at 417-466-2317 or We will then send you the application and instructions. Thank you.

Deadline approaching to make your voice heard about keeping your rates affordable!
An important deadline is coming up in less than one month – if you have not gone to Action.Coop to contact the EPA, we urge you to do so BEFORE December 1.

Why are we asking you to contact the EPA? Like all rural electric cooperatives, Ozark Electric is owned by the members we serve, and our #1 priority is delivering affordable, reliable electricity to those members. Maintaining that goal could become increasingly difficult if proposed EPA regulations to shut down coal generation power plants are put into action. Therefore, we are asking for our members’ help to contact the EPA.

For more than a year, rural electric cooperative members across the nation have been contacting the EPA asking for a more affordable solution to their energy proposals. Here is the breakdown of the astounding number of contacts made to the EPA by electric cooperative members to date:

Ozark Electric Cooperative members = 16,000 contacts (4th in the Nation)
Missouri Electric Cooperative members = 305,000 contacts (#1 State in the Nation)
All Cooperatives across the USA = 1 MILLION contacts

Rural Electric Cooperative members across the nation have made their voices heard loud and clear regarding proposed EPA regulations to eliminate clean-burning coal power plants – regulations that would result in skyrocketing electricity bills. In Missouri, we enjoy some of the lowest utility rates in the nation. Why? It’s simple - because 80% of our electricity comes for clean-burning coal generation, which is the lowest cost resource for generating power. Moreover, Missouri electric cooperatives have invested more than $1 BILLION to follow all EPA regulations to make sure those power plants burn the cleanest coal possible.

That brings up another point. Unlike some groups would lead you to believe, rural electric cooperatives are PRO-Environment. In fact, electric cooperatives were the first in the state of Missouri to buy power from wind generation farms. We did this on our own, not because of some EPA regulation, but because it was right thing to do. Missouri cooperatives also promote and use solar, hydro, and other renewable resources; however, those are not enough to meet the demand for electricity. We still need clean-coal generation in the mix. Some experts believe that if the proposed EPA regulations to eliminate coal from the power generation mix go through, your electricity bills could TRIPLE! Who can afford that?

That’s why Members Standing United across the country have been telling the EPA a more affordable solution is needed for the people back home paying the electric bills. You can join the campaign by having everyone in your household age 14 or older contact the EPA at Action.Coop before December 1. Please click on the following link to watch a short video that explains more about how Cooperatives are “Delivering Affordable Electricity”!