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Introducing Our New Website:
Ozark Electric Cooperative’s new and improved website!
We hope you like the new look and the new features of our redesigned website. Here are some helpful tips for navigating through the menu items:

SMARTHUB (top right) – You will find this item at the very top right-hand corner of the each page for easy access. Smart Hub is a mobile and Web app for accessing your account that allows you to check your electricity usage, quickly pay your bill, contact our office, send and receive emails, report a power outage, and more.

ELECTRIC SPARKS/RURAL MISSOURI (bottom left) – This is a quick link found in the bottom left-hand corner of each page and is the online digital version of your Co-op’s monthly newsletter. Ozark Electric Cooperative encourages all members to read the “Electric Sparks/Rural Missouri” for important updates and valuable information regarding their Cooperative.

MY ACCOUNT (top menu) - This selection details a variety of information regarding your account and paying your bill including: Smart Hub, bill payments, payment methods, billing cycles, paperless billing, and mobile payments.

MANAGE MY USAGE (top menu) – Using the SmartHub link, you can get a detailed look at your past and current electricity usage, compare usage from month to month or from this year to last year, and see your typical usage on each day of the week or each hour of the day, etc.

OUTAGE CENTER (top menu) – You can view the # and location of current power outages, report an outage (includes tips to speed up the process and phone #s to use), see how outages are restored, learn how to prepare for an extended power outage, and some safety reminders regarding downed power lines and using a portable generator.

CONTACT OZARK (top menu) – Here you will find the telephone #s for each of our offices and email addresses for contacting the Cooperative.

MEMBER SERVICES (bottom menu) – You will discover a variety of helpful information here including: billing deposits and charges, rate schedule, surge protection products, security lights available, current rebate offers, capital credits, and your Cooperative newsletter.

SAFETY SENSE (bottom menu) – Please check out this section for important information that could actually save your life! Safety topics cover: downed power lines, being prepared for a storm, generator safety, 811 (call before you dig), right-of-way info and tree planting guidelines, security lights, school safety programs, and a page devoted entirely to kids and games they can play to learn about the dangers of electricity.

ENERGY RESOURCES (bottom menu) – Thinking of putting in a new electrical service or perhaps a solar or wind power source? This link includes: engineering construction specs, renewable energy information, a phantom load calculator, and the Cooperative Action Network link for contacting elected officials, the EPA, etc., about energy issues.

ABOUT OZARK (bottom menu) – Here you will find out some interesting and useful information about your Cooperative including : office locations, your Board of Directors, your General Manager, Cooperative contact information, Cooperative newsletter, your Annual Meeting, your Member Information Handbook/Bylaws, and your Cooperative’s History.

EDUCATIONAL SUPPORT (bottom menu) – your Ozark Electric Cooperative is very dedicated to children and young people. This link outlines several educational programs we offer to students in public schools or being homeschooled including: “Rural Electric Youth Tour to Washington D.C. and CYCLE conference – both for juniors in high school; school safety programs for elementary, middle, junior high, and high school students; school career day presentations; a variety of other miscellaneous school programs too numerous to list here; kid’s activities found in the “Electric Sparks/Rural Missouri”; and a “For Kids Only” page with games for learning about electrical safety and energy efficiency.
Help us keep your rates affordable
Help Ozark Electric Cooperative keep your Electric Rates Affordable - The Impact of EPA Regulations on You
We’ve written before about how the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has proposed to eliminate coal as an energy resource at new power plants. This is very concerning because these regulations, along with the ones EPA has in store for existing coal-based power plants, have the potential to drive up your electric bills. Missouri enjoys some of the lowest electricity rates in the country because 75% of electricity comes from clean coal resources.

Now is the time for electric cooperative members to join their voices together to send a clear message to the EPA:  please remember consumers as you are writing these regulations. You can help first by visiting today and sending a comment to the EPA.  You can also help by sharing the link to your friends and family.

What’s at stake? Providing safe, affordable electricity, at Ozark Electric Cooperative is our #1 priority. While these EPA regulations are technical, the potential increase in electric rates is something we take personally because we know it’s difficult to make ends meet month-to-month. We know the tough choices you face – we all face – in trying to live on a budget. That’s what sets cooperatives apart from other utilities and that’s why we must stick together.

Thousands have answered the call already and sent comments through In fact, as of Friday, March 7, these are the number of EPA contacts:

    National contacts:          302,192
    Missouri contacts:          100,318
    Ozark Electric contacts:     6,052

Missouri, once again proving it really is the "Show-Me" State, is still leading the way in the nation for the most # of contacts: 100,318, which is 33% of all contacts made nationwide and more than the second- and third-place states combined - South Carolina with 40,801 and Indiana with 25,779. But we need more. Here at Ozark Electric Cooperative we look out for you. And we don't take this request lightly. It only takes 30 seconds to help raise our voices together.

We’ve encouraged all of our employees to sign up … and ask their friends and families. For several months, we have asked you, our members, to also contact the EPA. And now we’re asking the same from you – if you have not already done so - please help us fight proposed regulations that could drastically increase your electric rates.

We need you to take a stand and urge your families and friends to join us. Visit And talk to your neighbors about what we’re doing and why.

We’re powering the future, driving economic growth and fostering innovation for you. And we don’t want these new regulations to get in our way of progress. Please join the call and help us keep moving forward. Please watch the following video featuring Ozark Electric Cooperative General Manager Patrick Oehlschlager to learn more about this important issue.